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Heavy Duty Services

Firebird Tire provides a variety of heavy duty services for RVs and commercial fleets.

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    Heavy Duty Alignments: Firebird Tire is the only all wheel laser alignment shop in North Phoenix and heavy duty alignment shop in the North Valley. We use state-of-the-art Hunter equipment, like the Hunter Winalign HD System, to service large vehicles. Our capabilities include light trucks, medium trucks, heavy duty trucks, RVs, motorhomes, and some trailers.

    Heavy Duty Scales: Firebird Tire is the only tire shop in Phoenix, Arizona capable of weighing, replacing, repairing, and aligning tires on heavy duty vehicles. Our on-site scales weigh up to 80,000 lbs. per axle. We feature Intercomp advanced weighing technology that allows us to properly determine the air pressure required in your vehicle to maximize fuel economy, tire wear, and ride quality.

    Dually Value System: The Dually Valve System eliminates a potential problem on RVs and motorhomes by eliminating the use of a valve extension period. For years, we used the valve stem extensions on large motorhomes in an attempt to make it easier for our customers to check and inflate all the tires on their coach. Although we spared no expense when we purchased the most "high tech" or expensive valve extensions, we experienced about 35% failure rate. This is unacceptable! So we set out to find an alternative. After extensive searching, we found the Dually Valve stem system. Now, we no longer use valve extensions and have eliminated the possibility of failed valve extensions. The Dually Valve System makes it so easy for our customers to check and or inflate/deflate each and every tire on their motorhomes. We stock hundreds of the dually valves at our store! Contact us for more details.

    Ride Disturbance: Firebird Tire specializes in solving Ride Disturbance issues. For over 30 years, we've diagnosing, pinpointing, and getting rid of ride disturbance issues in large vehicles, and especially motorhomes. We have successfully diagnosed thousands of ride disturbance issues over the years, most of which came to us from other tire dealers, as well as RV dealers. When we install tires for motor homes, we have several procedures we incorporate in the process that no other tire company utilizes. It is a series of procedures that we have cultivated over the past 30+ years. We test each rim before mounting a tire on that rim to ensure the rim is true. If a rim isn't true, then the tire mounted on the rim will have excessive runout. If a customer is experiencing a ride disturbance issue with a motorhome, we invite them to make an appointment with us to resolve the issue.

    Tire Services: We have a huge selection of specialty tires available for RVs, commercial fleets, farms, and industrial operations. We also provide mobile tire service for all size tires. Our staff is on hand to make the replacement process easy and hassle-free. Contact us today for more information on our full inventory or to schedule a tire service.

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