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Dually Valve

Dually Valve
Firebird Tire proudly distributes the "dually valve" system!

The dually valve system eliminates a potential problem by eliminating the use of a valve extension period! For years we used the valve stem extensions on large motor homes in an attempt to make it easier for our customers to check and inflate all the tires on their coach. Atlthough we spared no expense when we purchased the most "high tech" or expensive valve extensions, we experienced about 35% failure rate. This is unexceptable! So we set out to find an alternative. After extensive searching, we found the Dually Valve stem system. Now we no longer use valve extensions and have eliminated the possiblility of failed valve extensions. The Dually Valve system makes it so easy for our customers to check and or inflate/deflate each and every tire on their motorhomes now! We stock hundreds of the dually valves at our store! Contact us for more details.

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